About Anne (Bongard) VanVlack

Anne is a passionate promoter for Prince Edward County, you'll often see her around The County with camera in hand. Anne has curated the prince-edward-county.com website since 1996, having received numerous awards and recognitions for rural economic development during that time. Anne also enjoys conducting winery tours, it's a wonderful opportunity to meet visitors and to chat with local business owners. Contact Anne at [email protected]

Picton had two beautiful castles

Not so long ago Picton had two castles, both overlooking Picton Harbour. They were significant architectural and historical landmarks in Prince Edward County.  They’re both gone now, an irreplaceable part of Picton’s identity. Castle Villeneuve Castle Villeneuve (previously called Castle Inn), was a magnificent building on Bridge Street overlooking Picton Bay.  The castle’s restaurant was popular […]

A Tale of Two Winters

Have you ever noticed that snowfall scenes in the movies are dreamy and romantic? Fluffy snowflakes fall gently onto a perfect winter setting, and  everyone is excited that it’s snowing. You can be sure that County residents have a more realistic view of snow. We know that those beautiful white flakes will pile up to […]

A shipwreck changed our destiny

When I married Bill VanVlack, little did we know that our families had been linked by a shipwreck on Lake Ontario, many generations earlier. The momentous events unfolded on December 4, 1882. Sail and steam prevailed on the Great Lakes during this era; waterways were the primary channels for transportation.  An early winter storm was […]