Visit The County.caMay 12, 2017

Canada StaysWe’re excited to announce our new partnership with CanadaStays!

As part of the partnership between ( and CanadaStays, Canada’s largest vacation rental marketplace … Prince Edward County will soon be a featured destination on the main page of CanadaStays  alongside other top Canadian destinations including Muskoka, Niagara, Whistler, and Montreal.

This year, CanadaStays has put significant marketing support behind Prince Edward County – it was recently featured in a article and will be spotlighted in a feature video that will soon be distributed through the Toronto Star network.

CanadaStays gets 4-5.5 million page visits a year and this exposure will really help drive more visitors to the County…and to your business.

Prince Edward County vacation rental listings can be included on the Canada Stays destinations at no additional cost.

Featured Destination

What do I get by advertising on CanadaStays?

  • More Exposure: Access to Canada’s largest vacation rental audience, as well as a growing list of distribution partners at no extra charge
  • Flexible Pricing: find your best ROI with pay-per-booking or subscription models
  • Flexible Booking Options: choose between instant booking or a 24-hour confirmation period
  • Dedicated Account Managers: maximize booking opportunities with the help of an in-house optimization team
  • Secure Payments: you and your guests are protected by a secure payment platform

Where will PEC accommodation listings be featured?

CanadaStays receives a high level of exposure in the Canadian market through a number of distribution partners (shown below). Your property could be featured on all these sites. Click on the following links to see examples on, PropertyGuys, TravelAlerts and World Fishing Network.Canada Stays advertising partners

For more information on listing with CanadaStays, visit the FAQs.

How do I receive more information?

Please let me know if you’re interested in receiving more information, please email me at [email protected] or call 613-476-7832 . This does not obligate you in any way, but it allows me to provide your business contact information to CanadaStays.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Anne VanVlack
Chief Explorer / Website Curator /
The County’s Go-to Directory for 21 years
Connecting local businesses with 54,000+ visits monthly.
Ph: 613.476.7832
E:   [email protected]


What is the cost?

There are no hidden fees and no upfront costs to get started. There is no fee for a listing to be distributed with CanadaStays partners. Simply pay a 10% commission on the bookings you receive through CanadaStays plus a 3% credit card processing fee.

Who sets up the listing/s?

CanadaStays does all the setup, and they can provide training. You’ll have a login to make edits.

Do I have control over my bookings?

Yes. Take up to 24 hours to learn more about guest inquiries so that you’re completely comfortable with who is staying at your property. When you’re comfortable with who’s booking your property, approve their stay through the CanadaStays platform and protect yourself and your guest with the CanadaStays payments system.

How do I get paid?

CanadaStays will send you your rental funds one business day after your guest checks in to your property. They provide a number of payout options, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Who is the target audience?

92% of the traffic originates in Canada. Travellers are aged 28-65, 60% Female / 40% Male with an average household income of $75K+. Average trip length is five days.

Do I have to maintain an availability calendar?

Yes, BUT the CanadaStays calendar will synchronize with the availability calendar in the site.

Who is eligible?

CanadaStays works with vacation rental homes and cottages, B&B’s, inns, hotels and suites with private entrances. The facilities can be shared but not the accommodations. For example, in a B&B, guests can rent a separate room and share a bathroom.

What if I decide to cancel?

No problem, you can opt out at any time, there are no cancellation fees.

Questions? Please contact:
Anne VanVlack
Chief Explorer / Website Curator /
The County’s Go-to Directory for 21 years

Ph: 613.476.7832
E: [email protected]