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The Garden County of Canada

The Garden County of Canada
Exploring our Deep Roots

canning industryIn the early 1880s, a new industry quickly took root in Prince Edward County, the canning of fruits and vegetables. Within a decade, canned produce from this tiny Ontario place was shipped all over the world earning the area its title as The Garden County of Canada. But by the 1970s, increasing competition from other regions in Canada, imported produce, and new regulations forced local canners to close their plants. The canning era was over.

Video courtesy of History Lives Here

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About Peter Lockyer

Peter is a former CBC radio and television broadcaster. Peter formed History Lives Here Inc. in 2004. His interest in local history was developed when he wrote his master's thesis [Master of Journalism graduate, Carleton University 1986] on the canning industry of Prince Edward County, once the capital of the industry in Canada. Contact Peter at historyliveshere.ca
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