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Hero of 1812

Hero of 1812
County Tales Exploring our Deep Roots

During the War of 1812, American soldiers often made forays into British territory to capture enemy officers, who could then be exchanged for American prisoners of war. With that end in mind, thirteen Americans landed at Conner’s point, about two miles from Prinyer’s Cove. Outposts carried the news of their presence to Captain John Prinyer who set off with a small squad to capture them. Taking with him only four men and an orderly, he posted his forces in the woods with orders to give an Indian war cry at the appointed time.

Prinyers Cove

Prinyers Cove

Prinyer walked into the American camp alone and demanded surrender. The Americans were astounded at his audacity and, not surprisingly, refused. Prinyer then calmly informed them that he had come only to save them from a scalping, and that if they did not lay down their arms, the Indians would do their worst! As the words left his mouth, the woods echoed with war whoops. The Americans hastily surrendered to Prinyer and were marched to Kingston, where they spent the rest of the war as prisoners.

Fact or fiction? You decide …

Story reprinted with permission of Author Janet Kellough from her book “The Legendary Guide to Prince Edward County”.

About Janet Kellough

The tragic tales, outrageous gossip and fascinating history of Ontario’s Prince Edward County are all grist for the mill for writer and storyteller Janet Kellough. From shipwrecks to lost love to the romantic legacy of the dance hall era, Kellough’s writing captures the essence of a unique people and a very special place. Visit Janet at janetkellough.com
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