We grow the wines we make.

Our wines range from bold, energizing, refreshing Riesling to something more contemplative and mellow, like a barrel-aged Pinot Noir or Chardonnay.

By Chadseys Cairns is named after an early settler who built stone markers to guide him home in the afterlife.

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Dog friendly.
Event space.
Winery Farmhouse available for rentals.

Looks like we avoided the frost last night. I think it hit pretty hard inland. We will know better by 1pm if there was any damage. While most of what remains to be picked could be taken off now, we really wanted more time for the Gamay and Chenin. By the end of the week we may hit 20 celcius which could make all the difference in the world. ...

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We postponed the pinot pick yesterday looking for a few more days of ripening. It was pickable but not ideal, and it looked to be capable of withstanding some rain (which finally arrived late in the day). So, instead we started our first pick of Muscat taking the ripest clusters and leaving the rest for a subsequent pick. It is carrying a significant load this year. A big thank you to the volunteers who came out again. ...

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