Carrying Place is a community that serves as the gateway to Prince Edward County. Situated just south of Trenton, it was named for its location on the portage between the Bay of Quinte and Weller’s Bay on Lake Ontario. The Loyalist Parkway passes through the community.

Carrying Place is home to the Department of National Defence’s LPH-89 antenna farm attached to CFB Trenton and located along Loyalist Parkway south of Twelve O’clock Point.

Of considerable historical importance, Carrying Place or the Portage was thought to have a better future than Toronto when water transport was the principal means of travel. Situated on the narrow neck of land separating the western terminus of the Bay of Quinte from Weller’s Bay on Lake Ontario, it was a thriving community in the 1800′s. Both ends of the old portage route were well-developed to accommodate the needs of the tired traveler. Used for centuries by the Indians, Champlain rested here in 1615. A stone cairn commemorates the signing of the Gunshot Treaty of 1787. (It was by this treaty that the Mississauga Indians relinquished to the Crown all of their lands stretching from the Bay of Quinte westerly to the Etobicoke River, including the City of Toronto.)

Murray Canal
Before the Murray Canal opened a passage for ships in 1889, travelers from Kingston to York knew the spot well. Before the arrival of Europeans, Natives portaged the nine mile stretch and gave the place its name. Once a major stagecoach stop on the old Danforth Road (now Loyalist Parkway), Carrying Place is still a milestone for travelers as they cross the canal that made Prince Edward County into an island.

The name Carrying Place comes from the indigenous Kente, which survives as Fort Kente and the cities of Quinte and Quinte West. Reference:,_Ontario



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