Celebrate any important transition or special accomplishment in your personal life or business with ceremony designed especially for it. Sonia Beverley will guide you through and officiate:

Wedding Ceremony: Your perfect one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony created and officiated as you wish by a registered marriage officiant.

Family Ceremonies: Baby Blessing and/or Naming, Adoption Welcoming, Coming of Age, Name Change and Identity Affirmation, Special Birthday, Vow Renewal, Marriage Dissolution, Healing Celebration, Retirement for any family member.

End of Life Ceremonies: Celebration of Living, Living Wake, or Final Goodbye Ceremony for terminally ill or those choosing Assisted Dying.

Non-religious Memorials, Celebrations of Life, Committals, or personalized to reflect the faith or beliefs of a loved one that has passed away.

Corporate Ceremonies: Business Achievements, Key Business Transitions, Recognition and Awards, Anniversaries, Retirements

Sonia Beverley is a Certified Life-cycle Celebrant™ who artistically creates formal or casual, simple or unconventional ceremonies to commemorate any occasion.
Whether it is with reverence, elegance, simplicity or playfulness – as you wish – Sonia officiates in a manner that will touch and captivate you and your guests.

Contact Sonia at [email protected] or Tel. 1-888-623-1267

Ceremonies by Sonia Beverley
Celebrating You – Honouring Life!


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