Consecon village is a friendly and scenic village with historic buildings, shops, a gallery, artisan studios, places to eat, drink, live entertainment as well as services & conveniences. The old grist mill overlooks the dam and the millpond runs through the centre of the village connecting Consecon Lake to Wellers Bay.

Favourite hangout: I think that would have to be Consecon! … Tyler Ledger

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WashroomsPublic Washroom: A public toilet is set up in the park in the centre of town during summer months.


Consecon draws on a rich history which played out over four distinct phases. “Consecon” is derived from the Indian word “Knan Nokjarm” which means an opening, and “con con” which means pickerel. Champlain slept here in the 1600′s and there is a cairn to commemorate that event. It was in the immediate area of an Iroquois village and Kente Mission which ultimately gave its name to the entire region – “Quinte”.

Col. Wm Marsh, Loyalist from Vermont, received a very large land grant in 1779 and here the village sprang up. A large centre for milling and other businesses, it was known as Marshton for a time, then reverted to Consecon. A picturesque place, Loyalist architecture can be seen in some homes in Consecon. In fact, buildings such as “The Marsh House” have direct links to the Loyalists.

In the early 1900s Consecon was a small industrial/manufacturing centre. Within the vicinity of Consecon there existed a canning company and a mill. The Mill, “Cascades” still exists and the people of Consecon take pride in the fact that the building is still standing and in use.

The Consecon area was also host to the informal market of “rum running”. During the era of Prohibition, many people used the area to store and distribute alcohol.


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