The English Rose Spa & Holistic Healing Centre is located in a stately historic building overlooking Picton Harbour. The yard is maturely treed with some of the oldest and imposing trees in the town of Picton, and the gardens are absolutely breathtaking.

This is a building that you need to pass only once in your life and you will remember it forever. In 157 years, this exclusive residence has passed between only 4 families, and just like Prince Edward County wine, it has only gotten better with age. This is a prime location providing southern vista views of the scenic Picton Harbour, below the bluff. The English Rose B&B is a unique getaway in one of Ontario’s most popular vacation, boating and retirement destinations.

What’s Nearby
English Rose is walking distance to Picton Harbour & park, restaurants, theatre, art galleries and shopping. The famous Sandbanks beach is a 20-minute drive.  Prince Edward County is home to 40+ wineries, craft breweries, cideries and artisanal cheese.

B&B Information 1-613-645-2330

SPA SERVICES ~ Relax…Breathe…Heal…
We only use Cruelty-Free Products.  Please note we are an intimate spa with one esthetician, therefore we cannot provide couples or group services at one time. Appointments will need to be booked at separate times.

Spa Services Text or Call 705-928-1384

Margaret Rose-Jackson, Registered Homeopath
Homeopathy Services Text or Call 705-344-1351

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