;picnic spots

Pack your favourite lunch and seek out the perfect spot while soaking in the sights. Here are some of the most beautiful spots for a picnic (from northwest to east) …



Picnic at Sandbanks Estate Winery

  Murray Canal at Carrying Place (picnic tables)

  Roblin Lake park in Ameliasburgh

  North Beach provincial park (admission fee; picnic tables; washrooms)

Sandbanks Estate Winery on Loyalist Parkway west of Wellington (picnic tables, washrooms;  bring your picnic or buy picnic items at the winery)

  By the dry stone bridge at Karlo Estates Winery  (picnic table; a unique setting in a vineyard)

  Vintage Shores pullover on Loyalist Parkway, just west of Wellington

  Wellington Rotary public beach (picnic shelters, washrooms)

Lakeshore Day

Lakeshore Lodge Day (August). Turn-of-the- century picnic.


  Bloomfield Mill Pond on Mill Street (picnic area; washrooms)

  Sandbanks Provincial Park (admission fee; picnic tables; washrooms)

  Old Lakeshore Lodge location at Sandbanks. Beautiful sunsets (no admission fee; picnic tables) There is also an annual old-fashioned community picnic in August, see Lakeshore Lodge Day.


South Shore

Point Petre

Point Petre Wildlife Conservation Area

  Cherry Valley Lions Club Memorial Park/boat launch (picnic shelter)

  Milford Mill Pond Conservation Area  (picnic table)

  Mariners Park Museum at South Bay/Milford (picnic tables)

  Black River bridge (picnic table)

  Point Petre Wildlife Conservation Area (beautiful sunsets; no facilities)

  Little Bluff Conservation Area at South Bay (picnic areas; washrooms)

Waupoos & Lake on the Mountain (east shore)

Lake on the Mountain

Lake on the Mountain

  Lake on the Mountain provincial park; amazing view of the Glenora Ferry and Picton Bay (no admission fee; picnic tables, washrooms)

  Rutherford Stevens Lookout in Waupoos (picnic table)

  Waupoos Marina

  Prinyers Cove Park off County Road 7 (picnic tables)



Picton Harbour

View from park overlooking Picton Harbour

  Municipal parks; a favourite is on Hill Street in Picton overlooking Picton Harbour (picnic tables)

  Picton Harbour at the municipal marina (picnic tables; washrooms)

  Macaulay Mountain Conservation Area / Birdhouse City (picnic shelter; washrooms)

  McFarland Conservation Area on Loyalist Parkway east of Picton (picnic shelter)


Food trucks: Along your route you may be able to pick up lunch at seasonal food trucks.  There is something for everyone — from pizza, southern-style barbq, picnic style lunches, seafood, Caribbean, Mexican, Quebec flair, Indian, Mediterranean, and more…