Picton Walking Circles

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  • The Picton Recreation Committee and the Picton BIA worked together to design a set of three walking circles in Picton with lengths of 5, 3, and 1 kms.
  • The longest route includes slightly more than 2 km of Millennium Trail, as well as walk through the downtown area.
  • The 3 km route also takes you through downtown Picton, and then through an older residential section of town.
  • The shortest route is a leisurely 1 km “Walk in the Park”.

All routes start and end in the centre of town at the Mary Street Parking Lot where you will find a large sign version of our map and a very inviting bench for your comfort at the end of your journey. Please consider the stretches illustrated before and after walking – give them a try to limber up and cool down.


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