Our People, Place & Culture

We have many strengths. Our rich heritage and culture, sense of pride, generosity of spirit and resilience have served us well for 225 years. In this current period of rapid change there is growth and prosperity for some but not for all. This report touches on collaborative initiatives to build a community where everyone can feel they belong.



2016 Census: Down 2.1% since 2011

OUR MEDIAN* AGE IS 54.5 years
Up 2.9 years from 2011
ONT 41.3 years

*Definition of Median: the amount which divides a list of statistics in two equal groups: half above the median, half below.

Ours is an aging population, and the trend appears set to continue. How will this affect our future vitality? How will this impact our healthcare and services?

Are we diverse?

98% speak English at home but Prince Edward County’s population mix has been woven by immigrants from all over the world. Many were seeking peace after wars, from the United Empire Loyalists and Hessian soldiers after the American Revolution, to Dutch and German families after World War II, to Syrian families making new lives here today. We may look like a monoculture from a distance, but our threads are many and colourful.

2.2% of us are visible minorities, however … since the 2016 Census we see The County is becoming more diverse as people from many different backgrounds move here. The Tyendenaga Mohawk Territory is right next door, and 690 County folk identify as Indigenous. That’s up 12% since 2011.

We are a place of simple living and surprising complexity. A peaceful community that accepts people for who they are, not where they’re from, who they worship or who they love.

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Food Insecurity

This is still a concern for too many in our bountiful County. Since our 2013 Vital Signs Report many effective projects have been working on this complex problem, and there is a system-wide collaborative initiative to begin dealing with the root causes.

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Growing popularity has led to soaring house prices and a lack of affordable rental accommodation. A new not-for-profit housing corporation and two grassroots organizations are initiating projects to address this. The municipality is deliberating on regulating short-term rentals that are impacting our community.

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The education data reflects challenges for all ages, and there are projects and programs underway working hard to address them. We report on some troubling achievement scores. The individual and collaborative projects striving to improve educational outcomes engage both youth and community partners, and they are starting to show results. School closures and consolidations affect many County families, and they may affect the decision of young families planning to move to the County. Innovative initiatives are underway to repurpose empty school buildings and surplus space to address housing as well as food security issues.

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Employment / Income


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