crystal palace then and nowThe Crystal Palace is unique in North America.  This building is located in the Fair Grounds on Main Street, Picton.

The Crystal Palace, built in 1890 by F.T. Wright based on a plan by Andrew Irving, adopted its name from the original Crystal Palace created by Sir Joseph Paxton in 1851 for the Great Exhibition in London England. Paxton’s design of expansive glass was inspired by his work with greenhouses. Following the Great Exhibition, “Crystal Palaces” sprang up throughout the world including New York City and in Napanee and Kingston.

During the 1980s demolition of the Picton Crystal Palace was considered. The Historical Society prepared a report on the restoration of the building and in 1990 County staff began repairs under the supervision of Bert Blackford. The building re-opened in 1997 and remains one of the few original Crystal Palaces in the world.

Book the Crystal Palace for your special event.

This historic, rustic facility is perfect for special events, themed galas and weddings. Located in the heart of Picton, the Crystal Palace is a beautiful venue with natural lighting and wood floors.  Bookings are limited to the months of May through October due to the lack of heating capabilities in the facility. Windows take up the majority of walls, allowing natural light into the space. The Crystal Palace has a historic colour scheme of light yellow, green, with natural wood floors. Kitchen facilities are not available in the venue, and the accessible washrooms are located outside the facility in an adjacent building.

Adequate parking is available.
Available: May through October
Seats: 350
Accessible, Stage (customer responsible for climate control)

To book the facility please call the Booking Representative at 613.476.2148 x5003 or email [email protected]


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