The Town of Picton offers excellent shopping facilities, live theatre, fine heritage homes and public buildings, a beautiful harbour and marina as well as six municipal parks including the grand Macaulay Heritage Park.

As the seat of government for Prince Edward County, Picton houses the District Court and Land Registry Office.

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Favourite hangout from Tee Durning ☞ The little park on Hill Street overlooking the Prince Edward Yacht Club.

Favourite hangouts from Phil Norton ☞ Picton Main Street …Ten Thousand Villages for coffee and chocolate…Miss Lily’s Café for a frappacino.

     Local tips

  • Take time for a picnic lunch at the parkette overlooking Picton Harbour (Hill Street, pictured in the slideshow above.)
  • Picton town hill. Picton has a confusing intersection known as “the town hill”. If you’re coming up the hill (heading into Picton from the east), you have the right-of-way. If the traffic is stopped on the town hill, don’t stop too closely behind large vehicles like farm tractors and trucks. They may have manual transmissions and the vehicle can slide back during takeoff.
  • Picton’s Main Street is very busy on weekends during the summer.  Don’t avoid Picton though, as there are many wonderful shops and restaurants.  Simply avoid the main drag by taking the sidestreets (King Street or Mary Street.)
  • Parking in Picton.  A bonus of taking the sidestreets is that more parking is available.  There are two free parking areas in Picton – Mary Street Parking Lot directly across from Elizabeth Street and Market Lane. Parking Lot with entrances off Ross Street, King Street, and Paul Street. Parking tickets are payable at Shire Hall (332 Main Street) or The Edward Building (280 Main Street, 2nd Floor).  Also, there is a drop box located at Shire Hall.


Incorporated in 1837, Picton is Prince Edward County’s Town. Prior to that date, the separate villages of Picton and Hallowell Bridge occupied opposite sides of Picton Bay. Named after General Sir Thomas Picton, Wellington’s second-in-command at the Battle of Waterloo, the Town of Picton has a rich history. It was here that Sir John A. Macdonald managed a law office for his cousin, Lowther P. MacPherson.

Also see history of Picton’s castles (photos of Rickarton Castle and  Castle Villenueve in the photo gallery above)


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