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Top 10 Awesomely Quirky Things

Top 10 Awesomely Quirky Things
Tips for Newcomers & Visitors

From there to here from here to there, funny things are everywhere!.. Dr. Seuss

Looking for unusual attractions and local traditions? You’ll find a few of those in The County. Well, actually you may prefer to avoid some of these anomalies like the Marysburgh Vortex.

Headstone of Wm. Pierce, Died Feb 31, 1860

headstoneThis grave marker is located in the churchyard of the old St Mary Magdalene church in Picton.

A story in a 1936 edition of the old Toronto Telegram identified an absent-minded stone cutter as the culprit, and not someone using a new and improved calendar.

The tombstone was also featured in an episode of Ripley’s Believe it or Not in the ’60s.



Our Birds have a City

Bird House CityYes, there are so many birds in The County that they have a city!

Bird House City has over 100 birdhouses, most of them reproductions of historic buildings and other recognizable structures.

See details at /item/bird-house-city/ }




Over 100 ships have disappeared in The Marysburgh Vortex

Marysburgh VortexYou’ve heard of the Bermuda Triangle? Well, we have our very own ship-devouring triangle right here in the eastern end of Lake Ontario, known as the Marysburgh Vortex.  When steamboats and schooners ruled, more than two thirds of Lake Ontario shipwrecks occurred in the Vortex.  Mysterious fogs arise, storms whip up with terrifying speed, magnetic anomalies send compasses awry.

Over 100 vessels have vanished into the Marysburgh Vortex. Details }

The Drive-in ticket office is a bus

drive-in office

Some might think that drive-in movies are a thing of the past. Not in The County!  The Mustang Drive-In Theatre is a popular spot during the summer evenings. And they have 2 screens and popcorn! It’s a must-do for your summer vacation.

But the unusual thing about the drive-in is their ticket office – it’s an old bus.  Why not? And on a related note, the owner is very funny.  If you don’t believe me, call their phone number to find out the movie lineup.  Details }


The “Horn Trip” is a local tradition

horn tripA “horn trip” is a party in a car; driving around back roads of Prince Edward County drinking large quantities of liquor and beer.  It especially refers to a particular route in the coun’y (County Road 7 and 8, around the “horn” of Indian Point.)

This is true, you can find it in the Urban Dictionary. Author’s note:  I may know people who have participated in this tradition.

We have self-serve farm stands

self serve farm standSome of our gas stations still provide full service, but many of our farm stands are self-serve.

Customers pick out their produce and slip money to pay for the items through a slot. The system is based on honesty.

We’ll hope that this County tradition can carry on for a long time.



You can sleep in a Prospector’s Tent, or in a Boat or at a Vineyard

glampingYou can stay in a farmhouse in a vineyard, and live a winemaker’s lifestyle. Or experience luxury camping “glamping” on a working farm growing organic heritage grains and vegetables, with brewery camp “plough to pint” experiences. Or sleep afloat a yacht with gorgeous panoramic water views, where you can swim right off the dock. Go green and live “off the grid” in a fully-equipped camper. Or find your creative potential at an artisan’s  playground … Details }


We have an antique shop with “Dead People’s Stuff”

Dead Peoples StuffWhen this little antique shop in Bloomfield opened, I wasn’t sure whether to find the name offensive.  But the name certainly has attracted attention!

The owner, Sue Hierlihy is a sweetheart, drop by and say Hi! You’ll find this to be an interesting  shop with a unique and authentic inventory.

Details }


Weird folk art meets political incorrectness

folk artRobert Danielis is a self-taught carver who has been producing distinctive folk art for over twenty-five years.

Robert’s witticism and tongue in-cheek humour make these pieces great conversation starters (unless you’re avoiding politics or religion). Some say his works are like pages out of Monty Python or Gary Larson.

You’ll find Robert’s studio beside the reception building at The Waring House in Picton.


The Frere Brothers

Frere BrosConsider the name, that will give you some idea of their sense of humour. The Frere Brothers write and perform humorous songs about day to day struggles of life in a small town. They have been described as “The Smothers Brothers meets Simon and Garfunkel.”  Alec Lunn formed the original duo back in Calgary with his actual brother. Since then, there have been many Frere’s coming and going, but Alec remains the common denominator. Mark Despault and Alec have been performing together as the Frere Brothers, off and on for about 15 years.

You’ll often find them entertaining at the Waring House in Picton.  Here’s a sample of the Alec and Mark performing “Wellington Mushroom Factory” (one of my personal favourites ).



About Anne (Bongard) VanVlack

Anne is a passionate promoter for Prince Edward County, you'll often see her around The County with camera in hand. Anne has curated the prince-edward-county.com website since 1996, having received numerous awards and recognitions for rural economic development during that time. Anne also enjoys conducting winery tours, it's a wonderful opportunity to meet visitors and to chat with local business owners. Contact Anne at [email protected]
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