Hero of 1812

During the War of 1812, American soldiers often made forays into British territory to capture enemy officers, who could then be exchanged for American prisoners of war. With that end in mind, thirteen Americans landed at Conner’s point, about two miles from Prinyer’s Cove. Outposts carried the news of their presence to Captain John Prinyer […]

Struck by lightning

The Rednersville Local 899 Orange Lodge used to meet on the second floor of what is now the Rednersville Country Store. On July 9, 1926 initiation ceremonies for entrance into the Lodge were being held in the hall when lightning struck the building and followed along the pipes which fed the gas lights. John Wellington […]

Treasure at Glenora

At Glenora there is a cave some 50 feet from the top, which can only be reached by a narrow path along the face of the cliff. During the Seven Years War, a French admiral watched from the cave while the British and French fleets fought one of the last marine battles of the war. […]

Picton had two beautiful castles

Not so long ago Picton had two castles, both overlooking Picton Harbour. They were significant architectural and historical landmarks in Prince Edward County.  They’re both gone now, an irreplaceable part of Picton’s identity. Castle Villeneuve Castle Villeneuve (previously called Castle Inn), was a magnificent building on Bridge Street overlooking Picton Bay.  The castle’s restaurant was popular […]

A Tale of Two Winters

Have you ever noticed that snowfall scenes in the movies are dreamy and romantic? Fluffy snowflakes fall gently onto a perfect winter setting, and  everyone is excited that it’s snowing. You can be sure that County residents have a more realistic view of snow. We know that those beautiful white flakes will pile up to […]

Lucrative rum running

Main Duck Island, twelve miles from the shore of Prince Edward, was a convenient staging point for rum runners smuggling liquor into the United States during Prohibition. In the early years, possession of alcoholic beverages for personal use was still legal in Ontario, and although the island was occasionally raided, there was little federal agents […]

The disappearance of the schooner Picton

One of the strangest stories of shipwrecks in the vortex is the tale of the schooner “Picton”, which, along with two other ships, the “Acadia” and the “Annie Minnes”, was carrying coal back to Canada. The three ships were lying in harbour in Charlotte, across the lake in New York. There had been a storm […]

Triple tragedy on the lake

Fact or fiction??? You decide .. On August 31, 1868, two brothers from Port Ontario, New York, a man named Howard from Bath, and Henry Selleck, a Point Traverse farmer set off in a sloop fish carrier across the lake to pick up, a threshing machine. The machine was lashed to the deck and the […]