Explore Discover and Learn at Baxter Arts Centre

Explore Discover and Learn at Baxter Arts Centre
Creative Inspiration

Baxter Arts Centre and Studio School is CHOCK-A-BLOCK with exciting programs!

Want to learn something new? Enjoy enhancing your abilities? Have a fun time now spring is here? Read on!
Spring is always a busy and active time for Baxter Arts Centre and Baxter Studio School and this year it is even busier!

Baxter Arts Centre is situated at 3 Stanley St. in Bloomfield, and having recently completed all its renovations, the Centre is a buzz with activities!

A community art space and place

Baxter Arts Centre was purchased from the County at a fire sale price in 2011. Since that date a band of dedicated volunteers have worked to upgrade the building to what it is today. They have stripped walls, replaced floors, toilets and sinks, built bathrooms, laid tiles, rehung ceilings, added yards of insulation, cleaned, painted and just kept on going. Fondly called The Trolls, and ably directed by the head of Baxter Arts Centre, Larry Spencer, the building has become a bright lively and inviting space, a special place for making art as well as ensuring it is accessible by artists, arts organizations and the County community from toddlers to seniors. It is a community art space and place.

Classes and Events

Here are some of our classes and events:
• How to plan your ornamental garden with advice on what plants to plant where, how and when given by Master gardeners;
• Kato Wake‘s 4 painting classes are inspiring and creative. Classes range from beginners to proficient artists;
• Our ever popular Yin Yang Yoga with Carrie Taylor;
• Dance for Everyone, a workshop for anyone who loves to dance and culminating in a garden performance;
• Preschool music;
• Life Drawing;
• Probably our most popular program is smART CLUB for kids. Eight Saturdays of multi media workshops given by instructors who intrigue and excite the kids in the discovery and exploration of ART.
• our Summer Art Camps in July and August are week-long art camps.
Check out our website www.baxterartscentre.org for details.

Hands-on workshops with artists

Baxter Studio School, affiliated to Baxter Arts Centre, is where you can take a hands-on workshop right in the artist’s studio. These workshops, held throughout the spring and summer range from:
• learning to blow glass with Mark Armstrong
• freestyle oil painting with Margaret McFetridge
• learning to paint with Kato Wake
• colour theory with Kato Wake
• abstract painting with Rhonda Nolan
• jewellery making with Vicki Sharp
• And print making at Sparkbox with Chrissy Poitras and Kyle Topping.
Check out the www.baxterstudioschool.com website for all the details.

It is all happening in the County.
We have something for everyone.

New workshops and activities are being added so check out our websites www.baxterartscentre.org and www.baxterstudioschool.com and for all the latest details and registration information, or contact us at [email protected]  We look forward to seeing you at Baxter Arts Centre and Baxter Studio School, come and have some fun.

About Peta Hall

Peta has worn many hats in the County but as the program coordinator of the Baxter Arts Centre, this hat is a fine and fun one! Finding instructors, designing courses, and then listening to the community's feedback as participants old and young LEARN EXPLORE AND DISCOVER something new and enriching. It doesn't get much better than that. peta hall program coordinator www.baxterartscentre.org